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GingerDog - Creative media for a creative world.
A company of highly creative people using their skills in composition, recording, writing, design and production to make today's world a lighter, brighter and more colourful place.

GingerDog is a record company, publishing company, recording studio, music production company and web design studio. That is us on paper but in reality GingerDog is so much more...

We are a creative network. A place where artists, writers, music producers and composers can work with businesses that share our need to enrich their work through music and design. Our aim at GingerDog is to provide our clients with all their media requirements under one roof. We use our network of creative professionals to work with the ever changing demands placed on modern businesses in today's advancing technological world.

Whether you need music for websites, film or TV, GingerDog can provide you with a composer able to write in any genre of music imaginable.

Do you want to release your own music? GingerDog can help you to record, market and promote your recordings as well as getting them on all the major download/streaming stores worldwide. We can create your website or make a promotional film and we can even use our network to provide you with the very best costs for CD manufacturing or promotional merchandise.

GingerDog Publishing and Records is where we release works by our own GingerDog artists and writers. Both publishing and records mainly focus on music releases in a wide variety of genres. GingerDog Publishing and Records provides the platform to release, market and promote our composers work throughout the world.

New Releases