GingerDog - Creative media for a creative world.
A company of highly creative people using their skills in composition, recording, writing, design and production to make today's world a lighter, brighter and more colourful place.

We are an independent label for independent artists that want to keep their freedom. A team of highly creative and experienced people working together to support and expand the profile of artists and bands. We work with artists at all different stages of their careers to produce commercial recordings in our UK based studio, from writing to production, recording to mastering. Alongside music production we also provide unlimited marketing and PR resources to increase artist profiles, fan bases and exposure - focusing on which every areas artists need most guidance with, whether that be social media or getting larger bookings. While being non-genre specific we only work with dedicated and hard-working artists whose music both the artist and ourselves have a real passion for. From launching the label in 2013 our artist roster has increased two-fold and we release new and exciting music under GingerDog Records on a regular basis. We are passionate and dedicated to providing our artists with the best possible service they could hope for from a label both musically and business-wise, alongside the personal touch of an independent label.

New Releases