I first picked up the guitar at the age of twelve! My memories of singing go back further than that though, to the age of five when I found both faith and voice at the same time.

I am one of six children, born in London, England. My father’s family came from Cork, and my mother’s from Dublin. Everyone sang and/or played something. I am so thankful for that bedrock of musical experience, as it was a joy and also helped to train my ear.

One of my brothers introduced me to folk music from ‘across the pond’ and at the same time I was listening to classical composers like Vaughan Williams and Debussy. Soul music was there too; for some reason the emerging U.K. chart music didn’t do it for me. I don’t remember when I started to write songs, but I think it started with poems, and that is still true today; the words generally come first and the music follows. Words, melody, and a good bass line! I love all three!

People! The ever changing painting that is the world around. Beauty poured out like best wine, whether seen or unseen. A passion to know God better, in all His richness, beauty and diversity, and to understand His grace. I am just on a journey of discovery, which is at times painful and at times joyful, and if some of that can be entwined in a song, and be useful to someone else, then that is success.


The simplest way to describe my music is ‘folk/Celtic’ I am told that my songs have a healing and soothing quality, which I guess we all need in these times, but please, if you can, listen to the clips.

I can provide anything from just myself and piano, to full band, depending on budget. I am also happy to be part of an event/conference, where the songs might be useful to the general theme. At Christian events I love to share my experiences of faith, but at regular concerts I am sensitive to people’s differing views, and concentrate on the music.


My first recording was part of an album called ‘Dance on Injustice’ for the Greenbelt festival. During the Kosovo crisis, I recorded a song called Rockaby. That song became part of ‘Journeys of the Heart’ which was an album recorded with Andrew Rayner, David Fitzgerald (Iona) and Tim Oliver, amongst others. I recorded a song called ‘Beauty for Ashes’ after the events of 9/11.
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