Get A Record Deal With GingerDog!

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Get at least 7 days in a top class recording studio

Record for at least 7 days in our top recording studio. Your tracks will be recorded using some of the best equipment available, by an experienced engineer and producer. We can record on both analogue and digital systems, and we will customise the sessions to suit your experience and style of music.
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Work with an established record producer

You'll get to work with a top class record producer with over 20 years experience in the music business. Before your recording session, the producer will work with you on your song arrangements and make sure you are fully prepared for your studio sessions. Your producer can add elements into your songs such as string/brass arrangements or any specialist instruments you'd like to feature on your tracks. They will also be present throughout the studio sessions, working with you every step of the way, to ensure you get the very best tracks possible.
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Sign with a record company - but keep your freedom

We offer all our artists a simple and easy to understand contract, with NO hidden clauses and NO lengthy tie-ins. The basics of our contract are that we pay all studios, engineers, producers and designers. We also pay to have your CDs mastered and manufactured. You can then buy your CDs from us to sell at gigs or on your website, at a 50% discount of the recommended retail price. This is usually £10, meaning you pay us £5 per copy. There is a minimum order quantity of 500 units on completion of the album, but after that you are free to re-purchase from 50 copies at a time. On all other copies sold by us (downloads, hard copies or sub-licensing of material for use on TV, websites or compilation albums) we pay you a 50% royalty on all profits. You are not signed to us for any length of time, so you can record your next album with another record company, at any time you wish. You keep 100% ownership of your publishing rights, but if you require us to handle your royalties on your behalf, we take a 30% commission on all royalties collected.
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Have your music sold on iTunes, Amazon and Google

In fact, we will place your album for sale on over 30 digital stores worldwide. The stores that we supply are iTunes, Amazon MP3, Google Play, Spotify, Rdio, Deezer, Xbox Music, Rhapsody, eMusic, simfy, Muve Music, MySpace Music, iHeartRadio, Nokia, MediaNet, VerveLife, Wimp, Sony Music, Gracenote, Shazam, 7Digital, Juke, JB Hi-Fi, Slacker, Guvera, KKBox, Akazoo, Anghami, Revibe, Spinlet, Neurotic Media and Target Music.
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Full support with marketing and promotion

We will make one of our marketing experts available to help you set up a full online presence. They will guide you in the setting up all of your social network streams and show you how to use online marketing to its fullest potential to promote you as an artist. They will also provide you a customised weekly marketing plan that will guide you through what you should be doing and when, and what we as your record company will be doing throughout the process. This will include pre-promotion of your album before we have even started recording, gaining pre-order sales, launching the album and how to continually build your fan base.

You will also be heavily promoted by us, your record company, via our websites, social networks, press releases to all relevant papers/magazines and via our contacts within the industry.
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Get all your CD artwork professionally designed

We will work with you all the way on the design of your album cover and all associated artwork. You will get a professional designer assigned to your project and we will also have a photo shoot during your recording week, so that we have images that can be used for both the album artwork and for promotion. You will get to sign-off all artwork and we will give you a number of designs, throughout the process, until we get the one you are delighted with.

Once we have a definitive cover, our designer will also provide you with a selection of images for use within gig posters, stage banners and press releases.
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Get a free artist website*

Your designer and marketing expert will work together to provide you a fully functional artist/band website. Your website will contain all the info about you and your album/albums. It can have a shop to allow the purchase of albums, downloads and merchandise and a news feed that is easily updatable by you from a smartphone, tablet or computer. It can contain blogs, picture/video galleries, contact pages and newsletter sign-ups. Our team will work with you to customise your website to your exact requirements.

*Website is hosted free for 2 years. After this point (unless you have released further albums with us) there is a yearly charge of £79 (ex VAT) to keep the website live.
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Royalty managment

Royalty collection and registration is a headache, and something that can take years in the industry to fully understand. We take that headache, workload and steep learning curve away by collecting all royalties and sync licenses associate with your album, on your behalf. Your compositions and recordings will be registered worldwide with all relevant collection agencies and in the UK with MCPS, PRS and PPL. No headache, no workload,
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Be part of the GingerDog team

This is the best part of the whole deal... you become a member of the team! You're not on your own anymore, you are a fully fledged member of the GingerDog family. You are one of us and we will look after you. We are available 24/7, we will come to gigs, help promote you and meet with you throughout the year to make sure everything is going to plan. Most importantly, we will encourage and support you to achieve all your musical goals. We are on this journey together and it's going to be an whole lot of fun.
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If you are interested in being signed, then contact us on...
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